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The capabilities of the service allow you to determine where your children or elderly parents are by viewing the data through a personal account, rather than disturbing them with calls. The service has location accuracy up to 10 meters, builds a map of movement and informs about the lack of signal from your loved one. Using the service is easier than ever: you only need a smartphone and the “Beacon” application with spy software.

Detailed information

Service possibilities

Coordinator is a service based on GPS/GLONASS, which allows you to control the movement of your employees, cars and any other objects using your smartphone or GPS tracker. The service allows 24-hour access to information about the location of objects of interest through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Main functions:

  • Determining the location of objects in real time;
  • Viewing travel history;
  • Adding control geofences;
  • Notifications about visits to geofences and other events;
  • Scheduling visits for each object;
  • Reports: by movements and stops, mileage, speeding, visits;
  • Data export: saving reports in various formats;
  • Data storage in the system for 3 months.

How it works

The service is based on GPS/GLONASS technology. GPS-receiver of a smartphone or a personal GPS-tracker is used to locate the object.
To use a smartphone for monitoring you have to install a mobile application (see below) that collects and transmits the coordinates of your smartphone to the system server.
To access the data from an object, the subscriber has to register in the system and add the monitoring object to the account. The object is monitored and the service is managed in the subscriber’s account.


  • In case of non-payment for the service within 90 days, the user account and all information contained in the personal account are deleted without possibility of recovery.
  • Upon deletion of all objects of observation from the user’s personal account the service will be suspended. The account is deleted after 90 days from the date of deletion of the last object.
  • Service is not available in case of disconnection of the user from the network (incoming and outgoing calls), including when using the “Pause” service.


  • The object of tracking, on whose mobile device the Beacon application is installed or who owns a GPS tracker, can be a subscriber of any mobile operator.
  • Technical requirements to the equipment of the object of surveillance:

1. For mobile device:

Android OS version from 4.0.3 – 10;
availability of geolocation module (GPS/GLONASS) and Internet access;
data transfer and geolocation are allowed.

2. For GPS tracker:

GPS tracker must support protocols used in service operation (Teltonika, Testmaster, Ruptela, WialonIPS, Tins, Wonde Proud, Baltic Car Equipment, MySafe, 4A vision);
Internet access.
Who is provided
The service is available to A1 subscribers, except for PRIVET subscribers.

How to manage the service

How to connect:

  • Physical persons

1. Complete registration on the website A1 – Coordinator.
2. Install the application “Beacon” on the mobile device of the object of surveillance or purchase a personal GPS-tracker with a SIM-card with mobile Internet activated. Beacon” application can be downloaded from Google Play.
3. Add information about IMEI of the mobile device/GPS tracker of the object of surveillance in the WEB-interface at A1 – Coordinator.

  • Legal entities

1. Send an application for access to the “Coordinator” service management from organization to e-mail [email protected] or via A1 Belarus community in Viber or to the company’s sales and service center.
2. Install the application “Beacon” on the mobile device of the object of supervision, or purchase personal GPS-tracker with a SIM-card with activated mobile Internet. Beacon” application can be downloaded from Google Play.
3. Add information about the IMEI of the mobile device/GPS tracker of the surveillance object in the WEB-interface at A1 – Coordinator.

How to disable

Individuals can at A1 sales and service centers on the basis of an identity document.

Legal entities
– On the basis of the application of the client sent by e-mail [email protected] or through A1 Belarus community in Viber;
– On the basis of the client application filed to the sales and service centers of the company.



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