Geolocation. Factors Affect Location

What factors affect location accuracy?

There are several factors that can affect location accuracy:

  1. Weather. As the radio signal travels between the ground and the satellites, bad weather such as rain, storms can cause a weaker signal, while sunny and cloudless weather will cause a better signal.
  2. Buildings. Since we live in cities full of tall buildings, this can affect the signal because buildings reflect signals.
  3. Capacities. We don’t hold our phone in our hand all the time. Most of the time we put it in a pocket or a bag, which can also reflect the signal. In this case, metal receptacles have the greatest impact on the signal.
  4. Our body. Yes, our body also absorbs the signal, if you are on a crowded bus or in a crowd, the signal can also be weakened.
  5. Metals. Metals can not only reflect the signal but also absorb it. So never put your mobile device where there is a lot of metal or electronics.
  6. Networking. Nowadays, most phones get their location information through the network. If the network is bad, you won’t be able to get location information quickly.
  7. GPS chip. If it is damaged, the phone can only get location information through the network, and the accuracy will be worse because of this.



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