How Do I Turn Off the Tracking Features on My Android?

Not so long ago, social media news feeds were filled with information that Google’s “big eye” is watching. No one can tell you for sure how big that eye is, but smartphones definitely know more about us than we do about them. Did you know that locating Android device owners with cell tracking apps is no problem for a huge company like Google?

Since at least early 2017, smartphones and tablets have been transmitting data about users’ locations to the global search engine’s servers. On a daily basis, the company receives not only location data, but also other information about your activities. Google assures that their servers do not store the data obtained. However, it’s the smartphone’s properly configured features that keep you safe.


In today’s world, staying unnoticed is not an easy task. Almost everyone is an active Internet user and also owns a smartphone. So, let’s remove the veil of mystery and get used to the fact that someone knows more about you than we would like. But if this fact does not give you a good night’s sleep, we hasten to congratulate you – it is quite possible to turn off the tracking functions. To do this you need one smartphone, some time and the following instructions.

1 First, open “Settings”, where in the Google section you will find the item “Privacy”. Follow along. Choose “Search Settings” and go to the “Save Location History” category. On some phones, this path may be easier: “Google | Location | Location History”. Learn more about Google Location History You are almost “invisible” and you have to scroll down to confirm the “Do not save” function. This will automatically take you to the Google page. Report that you are not a robot, and uncheck the corresponding checkbox to refuse to provide coordinates. Now the smartphone no longer collects data about your locations.

2 Also in the “Privacy” menu you will find some functions to avoid the transfer of information. To do this, go to “Activity tracking” and select what you need.
To all of the above, we remind you that your Android smartphone can be equipped with the “Find my device” function. In case you lose your gadget, it allows you to track, clear and lock your device. If such smartphone features are embarrassing, you can disable them.

3 Open “Settings” and go to Google. Select “Security”, which may also be in the advanced settings subcategory. Then go to “Find Device” and uncheck it. Done! The names of the items may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of the smartphone, but in general we aim to disable the service Google Location. In the same section, you can prohibit sending the last phone location to Google servers.
Now you can sleep in peace, no matter where you sleep. And remember: healthy sleep and personal data security is paramount. So tell those who think you’re paranoid about your own privacy.

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