How to Create a Quality Cab App

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  • Advantages of cab apps for business
  • A typical structure of the system
  • Synchronization with existing systems
  • Examples of “Taxi Order” applications demanded at Ukrainian market
  • Stages of cab order app development
  • Conclusion

Cab order app is not only convenience and comfort for drivers and clients, but also advantages for the company owner. Quality control, transparency and security of work, detailed statistics and higher customer loyalty are just a small part of what cab app development for business gives you.

Advantages of cab apps for business

A cab ordering app is a profitable investment that benefits customers, employees, and business. The main benefits of a mobile cab app are as follows:

  • Automation of order-taking processes and control of fulfillment. It’s easy to monitor the quality of employees’ work, and the cab service doesn’t need to be involved in processing orders.
  • Elimination of dispatchers or a significant reduction of their workload, which also results in a reduction of the service’s maintenance costs.
  • Reduced telephony costs, as communication between the passenger and the client takes place directly in the application.
  • Convenient service for passengers, as the client does not need to call and explain the address. This significantly increases loyalty through comfortable interaction. In addition, the passenger immediately sees the make of the car, tracks it on the map, and can specify the specifics of the trip.
  • Reduction of conflict situations, as the cab ordering app shows the driver’s rating, the cost of the trip, reviews and so on.
  • Convenient statistics on each driver. The app for cab drivers shows all financial calculations, driver rating, completed routes. For the business owner it’s a great way to control the activity of the company, and the driver gets an opportunity to work safely and honestly.
  • Full control of the client base and employees. The business becomes manageable and transparent.
  • Cab app development is a great way to automate many work processes, control the activities of the company and provide comfort for employees and customers. Thanks to the introduction of technology, the prospect of business development and financial benefits are high.

A typical structure of the system

To create a cab app that will work effectively, you need to build the right structure of the system. It consists of three main components: an application for passengers, drivers and an administrative panel. In this case, the interconnection will be the best and the efficiency of the app will be high.

Mobile app for passengers
This is the part of the structure responsible for the passenger interaction with the company. It is important to focus on the design and interface of the system and implement the required number of features for convenient use of the app. The passenger has to install the app, after which he or she can use the company’s services. We recommend implementing the following functions:
– An online map that allows you to track the movement of transport in real time;
– Possibility to search for the nearest vehicle;
– car selection by parameters;
– Function of additional requirements – the number of seats in the cabin, availability of luggage rack, bicycle mounts, basket for pets, child seats and other conditions of transportation;
– taximeter, which shows the cost of the trip;
– data on drivers, including rating, reviews;
– payment options and communication with the customer;
– communication with the administration.
This is the minimum set of features required to create a quality app for passengers.
Mobile app for drivers
The app for cab drivers should also be understandable enough for a person to use it without taking their eyes off the road. Certain features need to be implemented in it as well:
– An order table and real-time notifications of new orders coming in;
– navigator;
– electronic map with trip details;
– taximeter;
– comments to the order from the passenger, which indicates the characteristics of the trip;
– Driver’s work statistics, where his rating, reviews, financial report, bonuses and other information are specified.
In this case the driver will clearly understand the peculiarities of the order, provide passengers with quality services and monitor his rating, correcting indicators.

Administrative web-panel
The administrator is the link between the driver and the passenger. It is responsible for quality control, helps to resolve disputable situations and regulates the activities of the employees. The admin panel must include the following functions:
– an interactive map that shows online orders;
– the function of moderation of requests;
– management of drivers’ work, verification and admission of new employees, disconnection from the system;
– processing of complaints;
– charts and tables with information about the number of orders, cars on the shift, information about distances and other data.
Thanks to the administrative panel provides business management. Administrator can add or delete drivers from the system, monitor distances and the number of orders, evaluate the efficiency of employees, communicate with customers.
Implementing this typical structure of the system, the application will work successfully. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the cab app for each member of the system. The driver should not be distracted from the road, working with the application, the passenger should be easy to understand the management, and the administrator should clearly control the activity and the relationship between the passenger and the driver.

Synchronization with existing systems

Often the decision to develop a cab app is made when work processes are already established, the service is working, but there is a need to introduce new technologies to increase efficiency and improve the quality of services. In this case, synchronization with existing systems is required.
There’s no need to give up on working services, because you can synchronize them at the development stage. Particularly by developing new APIs and working with existing ones, you can synchronize your mobile app with CRM systems, IP telephony, various accounting systems, and your own website.
It’s important to provide synchronization requirements before creating a project, so that developers can think ahead about how to integrate the new app into existing systems.

Examples of “Taxi Order” applications demanded at Ukrainian market

There are several companies in Ukraine which have implemented cab order application and shown that this approach is efficient and brings high profit. Here are some examples of demanded companies in Ukraine:

  • Uklon. One of the oldest services and one of the first to introduce a mobile cab app. It works in large cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lvov, Dnepr. Also works in other cities of Ukraine. Through the application you can call a cab online, call the car at a certain time, communicate with the driver in chat, select the car, enter multiple addresses, repeat the previous route. In addition, the passenger can increase the cost of the trip to interest the driver and accelerate the arrival of the car. Through the app it is possible to specify that the passenger has pets, children, needs an English-speaking driver and other nuances.
  • Uber. This is an international service, which is actively working in Ukraine. The application for a cab call is convenient, clear and simple. It is possible to select the class of the car, order transport to a certain time and track the car on the map. You can also order the courier delivery. In the application it is easy to specify the features of the trip (with children, pets, large luggage and so on). Feedback is left anonymously, as well as the rating of the driver. The ability to share the cost of the trip with other passengers is also a convenient feature.
  • Cab Express. A company operating in Kiev, Lviv and Kherson. Through the application you can call a car, request a car to be served at the time, choose the class of the car. Also there is a cargo cab. You can hire a driver for a ride in a private car. Through the application you specify the features of the trip, the number of people, luggage, the presence of children, animals. There is courier delivery, you can order a car without the cab service identification signs. The application for cab drivers is convenient, understandable, it is easy to manage the staff and monitor the quality of work.

These are not all companies that are represented in Ukraine and have a mobile cab app. But by their example you can see how effective the development of a cab app for business is.

Stages of cab order app development

Cab app development is a complicated process consisting of several stages. A lot of work is done at each of them, but the end result is a quality mobile cab app with a wide range of functionality and features. The duration of each stage depends on the tasks set, and the cost is calculated individually.


At the analytics stage, the specialist studies in detail the competitors, the target audience, and carries out calculations. They also determine the architecture of the application, determine which features need to be implemented, and analyze the potential load on the application.
Thanks to analytics, a general concept and a unique offer are thought out to position the taxi-call application in the market, and a further plan of work is made. Analysis takes a considerable amount of time, after which it is approved by the customer.


Based on the analytical data, specialists start developing the project. A requirements specification for a designer and programmers is made, a structure is built, and technologies for the implementation of the project are selected. At the design stage, the main task of a specialist is to clearly define the goals and objectives, to make sure that the project is technically possible to implement and select the methods of implementation. After that the project is also approved by the client, and then the designers and programmers can begin their work.


The visual appearance of the application is an important part. The interface should be intuitive, simple and pleasant. It is important to think about every detail, from the color scheme to the ease of button placement. The design of a cab app should display well on different types of devices, especially if cross-platform app development is used.
The designer’s main task is to make the user want to install the app. Even if the person doesn’t use the cab service too often. Contrasting buttons, clear functions and simplicity of elements – everything must be taken into account. A significant portion of the time of developing a cab app is allocated to the work of the designer.


After the designer has presented a prototype, developers start writing code. It is possible to develop the application for a specific operating system using native code. This will improve the speed and reduce the number of bugs. But then you would have to make your own application for each operating system. Or you can develop a cross-platform application suitable for any operating system.

Developers create functionality, and then testing is done. Maximum load, capabilities, usability and other parameters are checked. When the application is tested, it can be launched on platforms and services.


Cab ordering app helps to automate work processes, create comfort and convenience for both customers and employees. The main task of such an application for business is detailed statistics and full control over work processes. It helps to work cleanly, safely and qualitatively. And quality customer service is an increase in recognition, trust, and, consequently, profits.
A mobile cab app is created so that the business owner is inside the structure he is creating and fully manages it. There is no need to deal with stacks of papers or sit in the office. All the business is transferred to the cell phone. Convenience, comfort, safety and rationality are the main principles of a cab ordering app.



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