How to Find Out Where a Person Is Using a Smartphone?

How to find out where your child’s (or husband/wife’s) phone is, using Google Maps app

Every smartphone has a great app from Google called Maps (Google Maps). Most people use it solely for navigation purposes or to find a specific location. But today we’re going to tell you how to use this handy program to keep track of your child’s (or other family member’s) location!
At the end, we’ll tell you a few more cool features that not all Google Maps users know about.

Before we get started…
You need to understand that in order to determine the exact location, you need to have a smartphone that meets certain requirements, namely:

  • The smartphone must have the Google Maps application installed.
  • The phone must have Internet access all the time (i.e. 3G4G Internet must be configured and activated).
  • Geolocation services (GPS) must be on all the time.

It should be noted right away that all of these requirements will not have much effect on battery consumption. Most likely, on your smartphone all these three items are already fulfilled (the application Google Maps is installed “out of the box”, the Internet you already use, and geolocation services are needed for a very large number of applications, which is why they are active by default).

If the smartphone of your child or other loved one meets these requirements, then let’s proceed with a very simple configuration and activation of the tracking function.

Setting up your smartphone to be able to track their location

First of all, take the smartphone that we want to track. For example, let’s say it’s your child’s smartphone. Browse for the Maps app and launch it.

After launching, go to the menu and select Geo Data Transfer.

Now you need to select the contacts with whom you want to share your location (that is, to whom your child’s smartphone will send its location data).
To do this, click on the icon and select your contact in the list (here will be listed all the people in the contact book, which has the Google Maps application), send a request by clicking on the button.

Pay attention to the item Show my location, here you need to select Until I turn off.

Sometimes you may only see one Contacts button instead of your contact list.

Press it and find your information. After this simple procedure, your smartphone will receive a notification that the user is now showing you their location.
That’s all! Now you can easily see where your loved one’s phone is. To do this, launch the Maps application and immediately see, in addition to your location (shown by the blue arrow), also information about the location of loved ones (shown by the red arrows).

For more convenience, you can do the following:

  • – Click on the user icon.
  • – Open the menu to the right of the name
  • – Select Add to Home Screen

The selected person’s icon will now appear on your smartphone’s home screen, and when you open it, you’ll immediately see their location.

Google Maps follows you all the time and… it’s fun!

Want to rewind time and see a detailed report of where you were yesterday or last week? Do you think that’s impossible? After all, you haven’t installed any special apps! Well, not really. Well, Google Maps keeps a pretty detailed timeline of your travels.

But to see it, you’ll need to do a few things:

  • – Start Google Maps.
  • – Open the menu and click Chronology.
  • – Press the Start button.

What’s funny is that the Start button doesn’t mean “start following me” at all, because by clicking it, you can see your smartphone’s location history for any period of time.

On some smartphones, though, you don’t even have to click anything, the program will show you the timeline right away.

If you want to do the same trick with another person’s smartphone, you can’t do it remotely. You need to have direct access to the smartphone.

Navigation with Google Maps without an Internet connection

The only disadvantage of the Maps app is that it requires the Internet. Sometimes it is very expensive (if, for example, you are abroad and do not have a sim-card of the local operator) or simply impossible (not everywhere has Internet or even cellular network).

But even this problem can be easily solved using the standard Google Maps function.

  • – Open the Google Maps application
  • – Open the menu and select Offline Maps
  • – Press Select Map
  • – Choose the necessary “piece” of map (a city or a certain region)
  • – Press Download button

And now, when you are in the area, the map of which you downloaded, the application will work without an internet connection! You can prepare in advance and download the areas you need.

Moreover, the app will automatically update the maps you downloaded as soon as your smartphone connects to the Wi-Fi network. To delete or update maps manually, go to the same menu (Offline maps) and select the desired map from the list.

We hope you learned something new and useful!

Where’s My Droid

An alternative application with quite a wide range of functionality. The user will also have to put it on his smartphone, after which from a remote phone or computer you can perform various manipulations with the lost device. The developer’s website has a handy interface that will allow you to take a picture of the camera, send a signal to your phone or determine the location.
An additional advantage is that the developers are constantly improving the application, as well as adding new features to it.

Method #2 How do I track my iPhone from android and vice versa?

There are cross-platform applications that allow you to track a person’s movements if they have an iPhone or Android phone!

X-GPS Monitor app

In order to find out where a person is, you will need to install a special application “X-GPS Monitor”.

The application does not work in “stealth mode” or “spy mode”, that is, it notifies the user that you are trying to find out where he is.

The application works for 3 days in trial mode, further 99 p/month. For everything to work as it should, you need to register, install the application “Monitor” on Android or IOS, or, use a web-service.

The application “Knows Mum”

Works similarly to the previous app, track by gps the phone of a child or relative.
Add the contacts you want to keep track of and you’re all set!

GPS tracking Pro app for Android

Install GPS tracking app Pro

The way of tracking is as follows:

  • Install the app
  • Specify your phone number to register
  • Invite other users, they install the application
  • Put the necessary people on the list
  • Keep track of their movements

Creating a profile in Tasker for Android

You may have heard of Tasker, which allows you to automate your Android, but you can also use it to track what a person is doing and secretly transmit screen shots.

Ways to track a person’s location on Android and iPhone

There can be many reasons to find out where the person is, from the banal to find out where the child is, to where is my husband? This article does not serve to find out the motive, but only provides the tools with which you can perform surveillance of a smartphone.

How does it work?

Almost all modern Android smartphones and tablets have GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity. While GPS is directly related to knowing your exact location, Wi-Fi and GSM/3G/LTE can also indirectly indicate your position.

Now our job is to make this information be transmitted to us in order to track a person on a map exactly from a few meters to a couple of kilometers.

Google and Apple offer several ways how to find out your location on the map, two of them require you to know someone else’s account and password.

Google has a feature in the Google Maps app called “Show me where I am,” which allows you to track a person’s current location, works on both Android and iOS.

To do this, you and the person whose location you want to track, must have the Google Maps application installed, and you must know the mail connected to the Android device with which he walks.

Next, go to the Google Maps app “victims” go to the menu and select “Show where I am,” specify the period of tracking the person and specify your e-mail or phone.

Now on your mobile device also go to Google Maps, section “Show where I am” on the top panel to select the person you are tracking.

How do I lock my phone remotely and delete all my data from it?

You can lock your phone and delete your data as a last resort, if you know for sure that it has fallen into the wrong hands and you don’t want your private information – sms, photos, whatsapp correspondence and other things to be read by a third party.

In order to be able to delete smartphone memory remotely, you need to give this permission in advance in the phone settings. This is usually done under “Security” – “Device” – “Administrators”

After I allowed android remote control in my phone settings, then another “Lock” item appeared under DeviceManager.

Now I can remotely lock my smartphone if it has been lost or stolen. In the lock settings you can set a password, the text that will be displayed, such as “return the phone to the address and specify the phone to contact you. The screen will not unlock until you enter the password correctly.

If you go in to remotely clear the contents of your smartphone keep in mind that the data on the card may not be deleted (but that’s not certain). The likelihood of deletion or not depends on the specific android version and phone model.


This method of finding a lost or stolen phone is not a panacea. It’s enough to do a HardReset on your smartphone and completely clear the memory, including from Google accounts and other things – the phone will be back in working order. This search method is designed for very trivial cases – the phone is really lost, for example in the grass, room, garden, etc.

There are cases when people have found other people’s phones and continued to use them without changing anything.
In this respect, the protection of apple devices is made much more serious, if you have lost your iphone, and it was active function “find my phone” through icloud can completely “brick” the device. That’s why stealing an iphone is completely pointless, because you just can’t sell it or use it for its intended purpose.

Many owners of mobile gadgets ask the question how to find a lost “Android” phone. Sometimes you just lost it at home, while in other cases it may have been stolen. You should not despair, as there are ways how you can find a lost android phone from your computer. Users can resort to the functionality of Google, as well as use other third-party programs.


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