Huawei: Tips for Use X-GPS

The effect of the settings in the “Notification panel”
Notification panel (opens as a curtain on top) provides quick access to select the current mode of your smartphone or tablet.

Huawei – Notification Panels

The following text lists natural and reasonable recommendations for the selected modes for normal application operation:

Data Enabled – Required For the full-fledged operation of the application and synchronization of data with the server in the online mode it’s necessary for the device to be connected to the Internet network

Geodata Enabled – Required Geodata access must be enabled for location determination

In Plane Disabled – Usually, turning this on usually blocks access to geodata and to the internet network

Wi-Fi Enabled – Recommended Recommended It is recommended to enable WiFi module for faster and less energy-consuming geolocation in urban areas and buildings

Bluetooth Enabled – Recommended Recommended Enable Bluetooth for faster and less power-consuming geo-location in urban and buildings

X-GPS Location Sources – The X-GPS app uses GPS/GLONASS satellite navigation as well as alternative geolocation methods such as cell phone base stations and Wi-Fi hotspots to determine your location.

At the same time, the app itself uses smart power-saving algorithms and individual settings that allow you to get the location accuracy you want while minimizing the device’s battery consumption – on foot or in a vehicle.

How to improve location accuracy

In the device settings, you can set the positioning mode to use all available networks for precise positioning. To enable it, go to Device Settings → Security and Privacy → Location Data → Location Mode → GPS, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Networks. Access to location data must be enabled.

Advanced settings for certain devices

Some devices (for example: Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus) require additional battery optimization limitation for the X-GPS Tracker application. If the beacon location stops updating after 15-20 minutes since the screen lock, please use these recommendations: Go to Settings → Apps & Notifications → Apps → Settings → Special access → Ignore battery optimization → All apps → X-GPS Tracker → enable the permission for this application.
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