Phone Surveillance: Top 10 Best Spyware Programs

Phone Surveillance: Top 10 Best Spyware Programs

How does surveillance software work? What do you need to do to make phone tracking start working? We present you the best programs for 2021, allowing you to track all the actions of a person (calls, location, correspondence, photos, etc.)! And also give you practical tips on how to do it correctly and legally.

How does it work?

We have collected time-tested and user-proven, really working programs for tracking a person:

  1. Installed on devices that need to be monitored.
  2. Work only on Android OS (phones, tablets).
  3. Collect data in convenient cabinets.
  4. Allow you to install surveillance on your phone for free.
  5. Provide a free test period.
  6. Have solid features.

These are far from mobile operators’ location and call printing services. These are truly feature-rich, full-fledged spyware programs.

Is it legal?

We will not discuss why you need such a program for your phone (tracking a person without his knowledge – it’s illegal, because wiretapping, tracking movements and reading correspondence – this is an invasion of privacy). You are an adult and you are well aware that by installing such an application without their knowledge you will violate the law on privacy.

Therefore, most importantly, after installation, be sure to warn your child, wife, husband, loved one or your elderly parents that a phone tracking program is installed on their devices, which will allow you to be calm about their safety. It’s just remote monitoring and nothing more.

Top 10 best phone tracking software 2021: review


The Reptilicus app is the perfect Android phone tracking app that will provide a complete layout of absolutely everything you do:

  • – recording phone conversations;
  • – Recording voice messages from messengers;
  • – detail of all calls received and missed (date, number and name of the caller);
  • – current coordinates and full route of travel;
  • – automatic screenshots of the phone (screenshots);
  • – getting notifications;
  • – interception of all keystrokes (keylogger);
  • – remotely turning on the microphone, rebooting the phone, deleting memory and much more.

You can read about how to set up phone tracking here.

Proven by time and numerous users, Reptilicus human tracking app:

1. easy to install (no more than 10 minutes).
2. It’s free to download and quick to set up (there’s a guide with pictures).
3. has intuitive settings and cabinet.
4. 100% in Russian!
5. Tracks your phone for free during the whole test period.
6. You can set tracking for 10 phones at once (it will not affect payment).
7. There are online consultants who will immediately answer all your questions in real time.

Parents have been cooperating with us for many years, installing our application on children’s phones and tablets.

Also, we work with small firms and huge organizations – full corporate control of employees through their work devices.


The main feature of this service is that it is a program for tracking through the phone camera. In other words, once installed, you can remotely turn the camera off and on to record your surroundings or track in real time. It will also allow you to record sound through the microphone, record phone conversations by itself, and show coordinates on a map.

You can download the program for tracking your phone from Play Market or AppStore. Prerequisites: you must have an active Google account, high-speed stable internet (on the phone and on the device, where the information will come) and enabled GPS module.


This program for spying on people through their Android phone is one of the best! It is multifunctional and works in the background. As written above, it has a free trial period during which you can get acquainted with its work. Will make a record of calls, will determine the coordinates of the phone, will show correspondence in social networks, if you give her Root rights. Can, without going near the target phone, turn on the microphone to record the environment.


A service for English speaking users. Quite a handy application to spy on a person by phone number. Has the full functionality of spyware. Also allows you to read the correspondence, if you can root your phone. Allows you to set cell phone tracking by number, and control the situation at a distance. Perfect for parental control and for traveling spouses.


Another good cell phone tracking program. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows operating systems. A little funny to read the translated (with auto translator) content on their website. But that’s not the point. Allows you to track social media, phone conversations, text messages, and more. It is considered a good reliable software.
You can download the app to keep track of a person from their website. It provides a link and a free trial period.

TheOneSpy – Spy Phone

The uniqueness of the software – you can remotely lock the password and pin code of the phone. In addition, this software for spying on a person, has all the necessary functions to not only track him on the map, but also listen to VOIP calls, watch photos and read messages. It does not record phone conversations and without Root rights you will not be able to read messages from social networks.


This is a perfect beacon program for tracking a person. It will show the movements of the person online and give the ability to highlight on the map of the safe areas. Suitable for parents to keep track of their child’s route. It is also suitable for managers whose employees are on business trips or periodically go on missions. You can enable private family chat and stealth mode, and use it as a baby monitor or tracker.

Ear Agent

A great tracker for another phone. The trick – can record sound through bluetooth headsets, and will also allow you to improve sound quality when recording. Easy to set up, instantly turn the microphone on and off. The agent will provide a recording of ambient sound, videos or movies you are watching, voice messages and in general any sounds going on near your phone.

Android Monitor

A surveillance application that can record not only sound, but also live video. Installed on Android, has a test period. Will record calls, screenshots, identify geolocation, allow you with Root rights to read correspondence and much more. Reliable software, time-tested. Has been around for quite some time.

Mobile-SPY (mSpy)

Another reliable and really working program to spy on the phone without the knowledge of the person is a mobile spy mSpy. Once installed, it hides itself. It works silently, in automatic. Download mSpy on IPhone and Android can be downloaded from their official website. Allows you to read correspondence, see the coordinates of the iPhone or Android, listen to conversations. Once installed, and then just get the data. Set it up once and monitor the received information at any time. Convenient and easy. The main feature – allows you to spy on your phone.

How to spy on my phone?

Take the phone, install the application once and never go near it again.

Can I install spyware on my phone for free?

es, you can. Almost all services provide the installation file for free.

How do I install tracking software on my phone?

According to manual or instruction, which should be freely available on the website. You can also contact technical support or consultants.

Is cell phone tracking free?

Yes, there is. Almost every service offers a free trial period, during which you can track your mobile phone for free.

Does phone tracking exist without installing the program?

No, it does not. Or you have to find a hacker, who will hack into the phone and take out all the information. But it won’t be tracking, it will be a one-time vandalism action.

How to organize a legitimate surveillance of the phone?

To do this, be sure (so as not to violate the law on the secrecy of personal correspondence, conversations and movements), inform the person on whose phone you have installed the tracking software.


Now you know exactly how to track a person on your Android phone – download, install, configure. And what program you want to use is everyone’s choice. We have provided 10 of the best programs for tracking your phone by number. You will only have to choose!



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