Randonautic. The App Leads Teens to Places of Murder and Anomalies

A game called “Randonautic” showed kids a suitcase full of dead bodies.

In early 2020, an app called “Randonautic” came out that helps you choose locations to walk to. First, you’re asked to choose an intention like “I want something new” or “I want a kitten,” and then you’re sent to random coordinates.

The game aims to give you an unexpected adventure or even a life-changing experience, but there have been a lot of creepy stories online.

A TikTok user with the nickname @ughhenry decided to take friends and take a walk with “Randonautic” around Seattle. The app led a group of teens to a beach where they found a suitcase. At first, the guys thought there was money in it, but as they got closer, they smelled a pungent foul odor and called the police. Law enforcement agencies confirmed their assumption – there were human remains in the suitcase.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only such case:

  • Ticktocker @gothboithrift’s game led to the tombstones of two of his relatives
  • Ticktocker @mykenarae found a man who had just been shot
  • Ticktocker @thatwelshdyke told of how “Randonautic” saved her from a car accident
  • Another user wanted to watch “something sad” and found an abandoned house in the woods with a rope with a noose attached to the ceiling

A whole movement of “randonauts” emerged, which was born with the game back on March 14, 2019, the day of the number pi. The creators of the app were inspired by psychogeography and drifting (wandering around the city to get new emotions) from the revolutionary philosopher Guy Debord.

“I would call Randonautic a star-spangled drift, but the main difference is that we have a specific goal,”

said the app’s founder.



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