The New Free Mobile App Knopka911

To control the clock specifically for parents developed a mobile app, available on AppStore and PlayMarket.
The app’s intuitive interface makes it as easy as possible to Setup and functionality such as:

GPS/LBS geolocation

  • Tracking your child’s movements in real time on an electronic map.

Indoor WI-FI geolocation

  • Wi-Fi networks enable you to locate location even when your child is indoors.


  • Set a safe zone and alert parents when their child leaves a safe zone.

Arm sensor

  • Receives a text notification when the watch is removed.

Movement History

  • Record, store and view all movements of your child.

Activity monitoring

  • A special touch-sensitive device reacts to foot movements and sends data to a counter.


  • Built-in microphone lets you hear clearly and concisely what’s going on around your child.

Find Watch Function

  • Helps you find your watch if you have lost sight of it.



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